Jenny's Story

Jenny Using iPad

When VCS staff member Debra first met  Jenny she spent most of the day in a wheelchair with her arms clutched to her chest.  Jenny made very little eye contact, rarely engaged personally, and seemed to enjoy very few activities.  Debra had to physically support Jenny helping her to reach up to touch or grab sensory objects in front of her. Two years later, with the continued support and dedication of her mother, the Developmental Disabilities Administration, and many others, Jenny is now using an iPad to communicate.  Jenny greets people in her personal life and at the facilities where she is now much more active.  She is using an iPad to choose what she wants to do. Further, with assistance, she uses Apps on the iPad.  For example, she pushes the recorder button to read an entire picture book, pressing the button to read each verse. Jenny’s horizons continue to expand.  Recently, Jenny volunteered at a horse rescue facility and with assistance, cleaned and filled water buckets for the horses. She is also working with an adaptive fitness trainer at the Y to increase her strength, motor skills, and flexibility. Instead of spending her day in a wheelchair, Jenny is walking, she smiles more, laughs more, and even teases those she knows.     

Supporting Jenny has been an adventure.  I have had the joy of watching Jenny open up, blossom and explore the world around her. She has continually strengthened her body, mind and spirit, enhancing her skills, and ultimately is moving closer to the goal of employment.  

–Debra Kibler, Jenny’s Employment Consultant


Village Community Services supports people with disabilities in achieving personal potential at home, work and in community life. 

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