Residential Supported Living

100% Success

Individuals with developmental and other disabilities are supported in their own homes to ensure 100% success in the tasks of daily living while maximizing health, safety, and independence.  Goals are set and outcomes measured to promote increased awareness and skill development in the following areas:  nutrition, health, cooking, banking, shopping, personal finances, relationship development, and personal safety.

Individualized Services

Supports are tailored to individual needs so services vary from person to person. Services are funded through DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration or private pay arrangements with families. 

Goals and Dreams

Annually, each program participant comes together with staff, family members, DDA case manager, community members and others to develop an individualized plan of goals and dreams for the year(s) to come. We recognize and honor our participants’ fundamental right to exercise personal power and choice.

Community Living

Each participant lives in a setting most conducive to meeting his or her individual goals, while providing essential supports—e.g. a single-person apartment or sharing a home with one to four other individuals. Our participants rent their homes and pay for their living expenses. They participate in daily living tasks and decision making as they are able and enjoy a full life filled with inclusive activities and friends. Currently our program participants reside in the communities of Arlington, Smokey Point, Marysville, and Stanwood.


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