Village Experience Learning Center

The Village Experience Learning Center provides learning opportunities for individualized and group training in Work Readiness (WR), Independent Living (IL) and hard and soft job skills. Learning Opportunities are highly individualized and based on collaboration. One-on-one and small group trainings are offered throughout the year but also upon request. We strive to work collaboratively to facilitate and adapt established trainings and bring them to the Village Experience Learning Center in our all-inclusive classroom setting.

The Village Experience Learning Center offers...
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Village Experience Learning Center

3210 Smokey Point Drive, Suite 104
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Monthly Classes

Individualized & Group Learning Opportunities for:

  • Job Readiness Training
  • Life Skills
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Peer Coaching
  • Financial Success

Class Offerings (We are on hiatus due to the Covid 19 Pandemic)


Money Management

Behind on Bills

This class offers a personalized, in-depth look at your financial situation. Participants will learn to use simple tools to help handle money emergencies, cut down on stress from mounting bills, and begin to build finances for a better future.


Money Management

Introduction to Money for Students and Young Adults (4-week series – 4 hours total)

This 4-week course meets once a week for an hour to introduce students (ages 14-17) and students with disabilities (ages 18-21) participating in a High School Transition program to the ideas around money and its relationship to their everyday lives.

How we respect ourselves and respect money for what it can do to help – or interfere with what we need and want. This could be a student earning their first paycheck through employment and working towards understanding how to save or spend it wisely. Students will learn the fundamentals of how to plan for their future with money while also learning ways to avoid classic mistakes.


Social & Communication Group for Teens and Young Adults (4-week series – 4 hours total)

Welcome to our 4-week class. We meet once a week for an hour each session. Each week is a specific topic related to learning to enhance or gain socialization and communication skills. To enhance what is already there or to create basic skills to participate in general activities with peers. Although each participant will have their own goals to work on, the overall goals of our groups is to use (learn):

  • Eye-contact
  • Appropriate conversations
  • Listening to others
  • Responding to others
  • Peer Connections

Art & Success

Experience what success feels like by starting with a blank page – and then filling it with beautiful a work of art. While creating your beautiful work of art, learn ways to relax your mind, ease burdens from your body and reflect on the positive.


Register for Classes

For all questions or inquiries, please contact us at 360.653.7752


We accept a variety of payment options including: Private pay (cash, credit card, check); and some services are available using your DDA Waiver funding (please contact your case resource manager).


Classes are suitable for people of all diverse abilities.  Everyone is welcome!

  • Private Pay
  • Scholarships (when available)
  • Community Engagement and Community Guide funding may be available. Please contact your Case Resource Manager
  • Contact us to arrange group or one-to-one sessions tailored to your training needs

Contact us at 360-653-7752 for details.
*Free classes and scholarships for low income participants are funded by grants and donations.

Client Testimonial

“I was becoming very discouraged with my job search when a friend told me about the Village Experience WorkStrides seminar. I was very interested and immediately signed up.  Little did I know what an encouraging, inspiring and hope filled experience it would be! Because of WorkStrides, I became more confident and ready to continue my search to find a new career. It enabled me to look at my strengths and abilities in a new light. The facilitators were two of the best I’ve ever worked with, which is no small feat since I’ve attended dozens of workshops!  Because of the encouragement I received, I resumed my job search.  During this search, encouraged by the facilitators, I discovered that Village Community Services had an employment opportunity I qualified for.  I applied, was interviewed and was hired! And the job was all that I was looking for!”  –Kate Thorp


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