Ronda Traut

VELC Project Coordinator

Bringing over a decade of related professional experience and a deep-seeded passion for serving individuals living with disabilities, Ronda Traut officially joined the management team at Village Community Services as its Village Experience Learning Center and Village Music & Arts Program Coordinator in the fall of 2021. Prior to that, she was a member of the Washington Services Corps working at VCS as the VELC program coordinator.

In her new role, Ronda oversees all of VELC’s learning activities which are meant to help teach and grow life skills for its participants, provide opportunities to learn about healthy cooking and eating, and offer personal growth and fulfillment for VCS clients. As the new program director for Village Music & Arts, Ronda also now manages the Voices of the Village member ensemble band, including oversight of the band’s performance schedule, concerts, and practices.

Ronda holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Corban University in Salem, Oregon. She has spent her entire life working with and elevating the lives of people with disabilities, a passion she found while growing up with a disabled sister.

In her free-time, you can often find Ronda singing, dancing, and being the life of the party with her friends and family. She also enjoys working out at the gym, bowling, and spending time with her dog/fur-baby, Lilly. Ronda is married to her amazing husband, Alon.

If you have any questions about VCS or would like to learn more about how you can participate in an upcoming VELC or Voices of the Village event, please contact Ronda directly at